Hi there!

I gave a presentation on MobileNotifier last Friday! I'm still working on processing the video, which was shot from three angles, into a better format. Until then, the presentation slides (in PDF form) are here.

Stay tuned for a WWDC-style Keynote video!

If you've been following the source code on GitHub, you've seen that there has been a lot of progress on MobileNotifier. 30 commits in the last 16 days, averaging a little under 2 commits a day. That's rapid progress! I'm starting to integrate MobileNotifier into other popular jailbreak applications, such as rpetrich's awesome Activator, to allow customizable gestures for opening an eventual "notifications pane". This is pretty awesome stuff.

I also have other stuff on the brain. padBoard is definitely not something I've forgotten about - I'm still excited about getting it to be even faster and more slick. There are a lot of "under-the-hood" improvements that will make it a far more maintainable project, and I'll be sure to clarify those in an upcoming blog post.

Until then, I'm really excited to be working on these two projects! There may very well be more in the future...